What kind of items are available?

T-shirts, singlets and sleeveless shirts. They are all made in Canada by Garneau, a company that specializes in custom team apparel.

How much do they cost?

$43 for shirts and $36 for singlets, regardless of size or gender. 

How do I order?

From the Frontrunners Toronto online store

What material are they made of? 

Singlets: Garneau’s Diamond fabric, which is light and textured

Shirts: Garneau’s Zircon fabric, which is light and smooth

How is the text printed?

By ink sublimation. The ink is printed right into the fabric. It can’t be felt to the touch. 

When will they be available?

It will take 4 weeks to prepare the order once placed. We need at least 50 orders to place our order with the vendor. 

Do they size big or small?

Size chart


Where will the shirts be delivered?

After the Saturday run when they become available, or by arrangement at a later date. 

Can the items be exchanged or returned?

We can’t take returns because the shirts will be custom-made, but can exchange upon availability.

Do you deliver?

If you are not in Toronto, we can definitely send the shirt by mail! Contact us at for any other question.


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